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Our Vision

a) Promote the preservation of good mental health for the benefit of the public

b) Support the needs of people with mental health problems

We are focusing in particular on the transformation of the culture of the housing and built environment sector, to be open about mental health and to encourage people to recognise where others are struggling 


We will:

- Enable open discussion about suicide, its prevention and its aftermath in the sector.

- Provide training through accredited bodies for your teams on mental health awareness.

- Provide a leadership course for managers and leaders focused around mental wellbeing for you and your       teams in partnership with expert bodies. 

- Collaborate with other bodies to provide an accreditation (or levels of accreditation) for your company on   mental health, with the aim of gaining a recognise standard within the industry. 

- Hold sector leading awards to celebrate good practice in mental health. 

- Assist in your ESG assessments. 

- Enable you to participate in the largest network of housing organisations dedicated to tackling mental health   issues. 

Board of Trustees

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